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Full NFL Season PredictionsChristian Giunta

Full NFL Season Predictions

It has been a while, but I am finally back on Tecmo Hole writing articles and I am coming back with a bang. Today, I will be going over my full, game-by-game NFL season predictions. I will not be going over every game, but I will show every team’s record, playoff results, awards, and draft order. The 2020 NFL season is about to go into full swing tomorrow afternoon, so lets get into the predictions.

AFC North Ravens: 13-3 Browns: 12-4 Steelers: 11-5 Bengals: 3-13

AFC South Texans: 10-6 Colts: 10-6 Titans: 7-8-1 Jaguars: 3-13

AFC East Bills: 12-4 Patriots: 10-6 Dolphins: 5-11 Jets: 3-13

AFC West Chiefs: 13-3 Broncos: 12-4 Raiders: 5-11 Chargers: 3-13

NFC North Packers: 11-5 Vikings: 8-7-1 Bears: 8-8 Lions: 3-13

NFC South Saints: 12-4 Buccaneers: 12-4 Falcons: 5-11 Panthers: 3-13

NFC East Cowboys: 11-5 Eagles: 9-7 Giants: 6-10 Football Team: 3-13

NFC West Seahawks: 12-4 49ers: 10-6 Cardinals: 7-9 Rams: 3-13

Seeding AFC 1.Ravens 2.Chiefs 3.Bills 4.Texans 5.Browns 6.Broncos 7.Steelers

NFC 1.Saints 2.Seahawks 3.Cowboys 4.Packers 5.Buccaneers 6.49ers 7.Eagles

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Awards MVP:Russell Wilson OROY: Ceedee Lamb DROY: Chase Young OPOY: Ezekiel Elliott DPOY: Tre’Davious White CPOY: Ben Roethlisberger COY: Vance Joseph

Playoffs #5 Browns over #4 Texans #3 Bills over #6 Broncos #2 Chiefs over #7 Steelers

#5 Buccaneers over #4 Packers #6 49ers over #3 Cowboys #2 Seahawks over #7 Eagles

#3 Bills over #2 Chiefs #1 Ravens over #5 Browns

#2 Seahawks over #5 Buccaneers #1 Saints over #6 49ers

#1 Ravens over #3 Bills

#2 Seahawks over #1 Saints

#1 Ravens over #2 Seahawks

Draft Order: Lions, Chargers, Football Team, Panthers, Jaguars, Rams, Bengals, Jets, Dolphins, Raiders, Falcons, Giants, Cardinals, Titans, Bears, Vikings, Colts, Patriots, Eagles, Texans, Cowboys, Packers, Steelers, Broncos, 49ers, Buccaneers, Browns, Chiefs, Bills, Saints, Seahawks, Ravens.

The full 2020 NFL Season Predictions.

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