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Is Donovan Mitchell The NBA’s Next Superstar?Nathan Chartier

Is Donovan Mitchell The NBA's Next Superstar?

It’s December 1st 2017. The Utah Jazz are going up against the New Orleans Pelicans. Not a big game right? So we all thought. Well that was defiantly wrong. That game was are first glimpse at the making of a superstar. Donovan Mitchell. In this game Mitchell dropped 41 points on the Pels to give the jazz a win. Sure Mitchell had been impressive through the season thus far, but he had never put up 40 points. Mitchell just missed out on the ROY award that year to Ben Simmons. However he most certainly made a name for himself. Fast Forward to today and Mitchell is A Slam Dunk Contest winner, a NBA all rookie first team selection, and A 2020 All star. Now Mitchell has the jazz up 3 to 2 over the team that drafted him back in 2017.

Not only that but Mitchell has put up a career high 57 points in this series, a 51 point game, two 30 point games and a 20 point game. Now people Have said that Mitchell is a superstar. Mitchell is certainly becoming the NBA’s the next superstar. He can create shots, he can drive, he can play defense. When you look at superstars around the NBA there’s a few. Not all allstars are superstars. Next year Mitchell will finish top ten in MVP voting and  I think he will be looked at by everyone as a superstar.

Mitchell has skills that most players don’t have. He’s a scorer. He won’t dish out 10 assists a night but he will score. That’s his attack. He can weave through defenses and make shots. It might be a Valid claim to say that Donovan Mitchell could be come the next Damian Lillard. I mean if Mitchell can out play opponents and continue to score, than he will be one of the best in the league soon. I don’t think that these 50 point games are a fluke either. I think That Mitchell is ready to score like this way more often. This season Mitchell only had one 40 point game. Now he’s scoring 57 and 51. This is the new Donovan Mitchell. The question will be if the stats will pay off. A great superstar will lead the team to its heights. Can Mitchell do that? The Jazz are in title contention there’s no doubt about it. Donovan Mitchell will need to play very good next year and he will need it to pay off for the jazz to win a title.

Back to the main question though. Mitchell is becoming a superstar. He’s not there yet. There’s still weak points in his game that he need to corrected. With more time in the league Mitchell can develop into a even better player  and very very soon the NBA’s next superstar.

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Donovan Mitchell has been playing very good lately. Is he the NBA’s next superstar?

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