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MLB Playoff Predictions/PreviewQuinn Riley

MLB Playoff Predictions/Preview

The MLB managed to pull off a full season during a pandemic.

Now, it’s the third best day of the MLB season: the first day of the playoffs. The best of course, being Opening Day, and the second best, a game 7 of the World Series.

The MLB has at points had rough points of the season. The Reds, Marlins, and Cardinals all had to put their season on hold at one point because of positive COVID-19 tests. There was also a point during the season where games were canceled due to racial injustice. Oh, and don’t forget about the air quality problems in the west.

Overall it’s been anything but an ideal MLB season, but here we are. We’ve made it through the season without fans. Day one of the playoffs is today, and we got some good matchups.


Astros @ Twins – 2:00 PM ( Zack Greinke vs. Kenta Maeda )

White Sox @ Athletics – 3:00 PM ( Lucas Giolito vs. Jesus Luzardo )

Blue Jays @ Rays – 5:00 PM ( Matt Shoemaker vs. Blake Snell )

Yankees @ Indians – 7:30 PM ( Gerrit Cole vs. Shane Beiber )


AL Wild Card: Best of 3

  1. Rays vs 8. Blue Jays

The Blue Jays had a surprisingly good season. However they have such a young and inexperienced team. Their rotation is totally outmatched by the Rays.

The Rays sweep the Blue Jays.

2. Athletics vs 7. White Sox

The Athletics won the division by a large margin. The White Sox were leading the division for the majority of the season, but blew the lead and fell all the way down to third. The Athletics just have the more powerful team in this matchup.

The White Sox manage to win one game, but the A’s win this series.

3. Twins vs. 6. Astros

Don’t get fooled by the Astros’ 6 seed. They finished second in their division which guarantees them a play0ff spot, which is the only reason they are playing in the playoffs. They finished under .500. They don’t have Verlander or Cole.

The Twins easily take this series sweeping the Astros.

4. Indians vs. 5. Yankees

This should be such a great matchup. Two of the AL’s best pitchers in Game 1. I can’t express this enough: this may be the best series in the Wild Card round. You have the Yankees powerful lineup led by LeMahieu and Voit, along with their struggling bullpen. The Indians gave away Clevinger but still are very powerful in the rotation. This should be such a good series, especially Game 1.

The Indians just pull this one out, with the Yankees winning a game in the best of three, but the Indians will prove to be the better team.

NL Wild Card: Best of 3

  1. Dodgers vs 8. Brewers

The Dodgers are the better team in this one, but with Corbin Burnes as the ace of the Brewers, and the bullpen consisting of Devin Williams and Josh Hader, the Brewers have a chance.

The Dodgers, being the better team, will take this series, but it will take 3 games.

2. Braves vs 7. Reds

The Braves are better, but the Reds are really hot. They had a terrible start, and are now the 7th seed. The Braves have had some tough stints this year but are still the second best team record wise.

The Reds have a real shot, but in a close series, the Braves pull it out in 3 games.

3. Cubs vs 6. Marlins

The Marlins are coming off of a surprising year, where they finished second in the NL East, when most predicted them to finish last, including myself. But what did I say in that prediction article? Don’t sleep on them, they could surprise people, and they did.

The Cubs were single handedly almost carried by Yu Darvish, and because of that, the Cubs will get game 1 but the Marlins will take game 2 & 3 and win the series. The Marlins just seem to have more heart, with them being a 6 seed after winning not even 60 games last year.

4. Padres vs 5. Cardinals

There is a huge gap between these two teams. The Padres were already a very good team, and are now a stacked team with their deadline acquisitions.

The Padres easily take this one. They sweep the RedBirds.

ALDS: Best of 5

  1. Rays vs 4. Indians

In this matchup, the Rays just outnumber the Indians. They have the better pitching, and offense. The Indians might be able to get a game or two, but the Rays will take this one.

The Indians might be able to snag maybe one or two games, but the Rays should easily win this series.

2. Athletics vs 3. Twins

This is a very even matchup. Like very even. The Twins have the better offense, the Athletics have the better bullpen, but the rotation and depth of these two teams are so even. This could so go either way

I think the Twins take this one in five. They just have the stronger team it feels like.

NLDS: Best of 5

  1. Dodgers vs 4. Padres

The Padres have been just so good this year, but the Dodgers are just the better team here.

The Padres extend it to 5 games but the Dodgers pull this one out.

2. Braves vs 6. Marlins

The Marlins are such an exciting team to watch, but they just don’t have enough talent to go on a run. Don’t be surprised if they get hot though.

Braves take this one in four games.

ALCS: Best of 7

  1. Rays vs 3. Twins

The Rays have had such a good year. The Twins have been on the disappointing side, but have still had a great year. The Rays are the better team. They clearly are, and they finished the season 8-2 in their final 10 games. That gives you the best of both worlds. The postseason is a mixture of who’s the best team, and who’s the hottest team. The Rays are the hottest and best in the AL.

The Rays take this series in 6.

NLCS: Best of 7

  1. Dodgers vs 2. Braves

The Dodgers are coming in to this postseason with the best record in the majors during the regular season. The Braves had a season on the disappointing side, but still very good. The Dodgers have the better rotation, but the Braves have the better relief. These offenses are so even, but on paper the Dodgers have the better offense.

You thought it would be a boring one seed vs one seed didn’t you. Nope. The Dodgers just seem to have a mental block for the World Series, where they just can’t win it. Well, I’m taking this block to an extreme. The Dodgers will go up 3-0, and the Braves will come back and win it. This is the Dodgers, and what they’ve done for the last decade. They can’t win the World Series. Not only that, but both Betts and Bellinger always seem to struggle in the postseason.

World Series: Best of 7

  1. Rays vs. 2. Braves

This is the ultimate showdown. I’ve pretty much said all that needs to be said about each team remaining. Let’s do this. Game by game.

Game 1: Braves win 5-4

Game 2: Rays win 7-3

Game 3: Rays win 5-1

Game 4: Braves win 13-1

Game 5: Rays win 11-9

Game 6: Braves win 7-5

Game 7: Braves win 1-0

Bring it back to 1995, widely considered the greatest game of all time.  Game 7 of the 1995 World Series. The final score – Braves 1, Indians 0.

This will be no different. This will be a 1-0 win for the Braves.

The Braves are my 2020 World Series Pick, as it was before the season even started.

The MLB managed to pull off a full season during a pandemic. Now, it’s the third best day of the MLB season: the first day of the playoffs. The best of course, being Opening Day, and the second best, a game 7 of the World Series. The MLB has at

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