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Predictions For Every Game Of Week 1 In The NFLNathan Chartier

Predictions For Every Game Of Week 1 In The NFL

After 7 plus months, we are finally back and ready for the first week of the 2020 NFL Season. Here are my predictions for the first week of Football!


Texans at Chiefs

Chiefs 35 Texans 21

The Chiefs pick up right where they left off last year. Pat Mahomes throws 4 touchdowns while the man who just got paid, Deshaun Watson, throws for 3 touchdowns. The Chiefs start off 2020 in tremendous fashion en route to another great season under Andy Reid.


Jets at Bills

Bills 41 Jets 14

The Bills completely destroy the Jets in this divisional Week 1 match up. The Jets can’t seem to do anything on defense as expected and they allow 5 touchdowns. Stefon Diggs has a great first game, quickly developing a rapport with Josh Allen. The Bills prove they are NOT over hyped in a great 1-0 start to their season.

Packers at Vikings

Vikings 17 Packers 14

Wow what a great game this is. The Vikings, despite not having Stefon Diggs this year, prevail in a great back and forth game. The Packers offense can’t seem to get going and can only muscle 14 points. In the end its a field goal that separates the two in a great 1pm affair

Eagles at The Washington Football Team

Eagles 27 Washington 3

The Eagles power through here and hold Washington to 3 points. Washington, who has struggled a lot in the recent past, struggles here as Dwayne Haskins throws 3 interceptions in his debut and their offense falls apart. The Eagles on the other hand, play great offense and stroll to a week 1 victory.

Browns at Ravens

Ravens 28 Browns 24

The Ravens offense puts up 28 points to barely beat the Browns. Cleveland fights Baltimore throughout the game to prove that they have become a true contender. This match-up should have everything a NFL fan would want as you get a surging Ravens team up against a Cleveland Browns team that will have a chance to sneak into the playoffs for the first time since 2002.

Colts at Jaguars

Colts 24 Jaguars 13

The Jaguars are clearly in a rebuild state and are not going to be competing for the Super Bowl this year. On the other hand the Colts are revitalized with Philip Rivers at the center of their team. This game should be slow, but in the end, it will be Indianapolis who comes out on top.

Raiders at Panthers

Raiders 31 Panthers 24

These two teams are pretty evenly matched. Carolina will be leaning heavily on Bridgewater in this game as he proved that he could play last year. For the Raiders, they are looking to make the playoffs this year after just missing them last year. This game will be close, but in the end, the Raiders will show up and win behind Derek Carr and Josh Jacobs. Be sure to watch out for Henry Ruggs III as he makes his NFL debut.

Bears at Lions

Bears 21 Lions 17

After naming Mitchell Trubisky the starter, the Bears seem to be confident in their offense to make a leap from last season’s performance. In Week 1, they go up against divisional opponent Detroit Lions. The Lions obviously have Stafford as QB, but the positions around him might need some help. This will be a good game to watch as it should be very close. In the end the Bears will come out as winners in a well fought battle.

Seahawks at Falcons

Seahawks 53 Falcons 21

What a big game this should be for Seattle. Russell Wilson is done playing around after coming up short against the Packers last season. Russell Wilson should play well and the Seahawks should greatly overpower the Falcons. For the Falcons, they will not be able to stop Seattle and they start the season 0-1.

Dolphins at Pats

Pats 28 Dolphins 14

The Patriots are going to take their first game of the season with Cam Newton playing great in his debut. Despite a plethora of offseason moves, the Dolphins will not be able to stop Cam Newton in this first game. The Patriots will prove to critics that they are still here and are still contenders in the AFC.

Chargers at Bengals

Chargers 27 Bengals 24

The Bengals will try to have a winning season this year behind number one pick Joe Burrow. The Chargers will try for a winning season as well behind Tyrod Taylor in Week 1. This game should get close, but Keenan Allen should make a difference after a huge breakout year last year. Although Justin Herbert isn’t starting, he will make a difference for sure if he gets the nod later in the season.

Cardinals at 49ers

49ers 37  Cardinals 21

This should be a well fought game by both teams. The 49ers are back for revenge after losing in the Super Bowl last year. The Cardinals are ready this year with Kyler Murray throwing passes to D Hop. I’m taking the Niners though because they are going to be a fighting team this year trying to get back to the Super Bowl.

Buccaneers at Saints

Saints 35 Buccaneers 28

What a game this will be. A battle of two old QBs that can still play the game. The Buccaneers look really good on paper, however we will see how good they can play in Week 1. The saints have been heart broken over and over again but this year looks like it will be different. This will be the best game in Week 1 so be sure to check it out.  

Cowboys at Rams

Cowboys 27  Rams 21

The Cowboys have been a very odd team in past years. This Year they will look to make the playoffs behind thanks to an improved receiving core. They have some great offense but they will need things to work out with a new coaching staff. The Cowboys can certainly win this year, but they need to play hard and win. For the Rams, they need to get ahead early to win. The Rams were very disappointing last year and that can’t happen this year if they want to win. In the end, it should be a great game but the Cowboys should be the winners.


Steelers at Giants

Steelers 14 Giants 3

This will be a low scoring affair as the Steelers look to make the playoffs and start off 1-0. The Giants are still in rebuild mode and are trying to figure out what they’re capable of doing. When it comes down to these two teams, we will see a close game with the Steelers breaking away late.

Titans at Broncos

Broncos 24 Titans 21

In the last game of the week, the Broncos will outlast the Titans in a great game. Ryan Tannehill and the Titans will fall in a very well fought battle versus Drew Lock. I think we will see lots of action in this game as it comes down to the wire to end Week One.

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