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The Biggest Injury Losses So Far This Season!Isaac Edelman

The Biggest Injury Losses So Far This Season!

Even in a 60 game season, there are many injuries. We have seen many starters this year get injured and that is one of the big reasons the MLB put the universal DH into place. Here are some of the big injuries that have already happened!(Players on this list played at least 1 game this season)

Justin Verlander

The Biggest Injury Losses So Far This Season!

The Astros lost their top pitcher Gerrit Cole this offseason, but no worries, they still have Justin Verlander. Verlander who won the Cy Young award last year, is out for most of the season due to a strain and now it is up to Greinke who is still a pretty good pitcher. Verlander’s injury is probably the biggest injury loss out of any player so far in the MLB season. There will always be an effect from losing a Cy young pitcher due to injury, but it is felt worse for the Astros as they already lost their star pitcher this offseason. Not just that, it always plays a bigger effect on playoff teams such as the Astros, who came into the season as the projected AL West division winner. Verlander only made 1 start before his injury, pitching 6 innings while giving up 3 hits and 2 earned runs.

It was first reported that Verlander would be out for the season, but then Verlander made this tweet-

The latest update on Verlander is that he is back in action, pitching bullpen sessions right now at around 20 pitches. Of course everyone would love for Verlander to move back into the rotation and be his typical 110-pitch self, but that may not be realistic with him being 37 years old and possibly facing a significant elbow issue. So here’s an idea: What if he pitched in relief, specifically as the closer? If Verlander takes the role as closer, he will be able to come back sooner as he won’t have to work his way up to 80 pitches, which is what would be required from him in order to head back to the starting rotation. The good news for the Astros as that Verlander SHOULD be able to return this season, but that doesn’t rule out the fact that this was one of the biggest injury losses so far.

Mike Soroka

The Biggest Injury Losses So Far This Season!

Here is another big injury loss so far and it happens to be another starting pitcher: Mike Soroka. Braves ACE Mike Soroka tore his Achilles in his 3rd start of the season facing the Mets and it was announced that he’s done for the season. Soroka was probably the best rookie pitcher last year and headed into the 2020 season with tons of momentum and confidence after making the All Star Game. Soroka made 29 starts last year recording a 13-4 record with a 2.68 ERA. This may effect the Braves more than the Verlander injury affected the Astros as the Astros have Greinke. For the Braves rotation, they really have nobody except Max Fried, who is having an impressive breakout season so far. Without Soroka, the Braves offense has and will be carrying the team, instead of the pitching staff. The Braves have already been without Cole Hamels which is another reason why Soroka’s injury hurts the Braves. In all, the Braves lost Teheran to free agency this offseason, veteran pitcher Felix Hernandez to an opt out, and Soroka and Hamels to injuries. We will see how the Braves handle their pitching staff in the long run, but Soroka’s injury is a big loss for the team.

Yordan Alvarez

The Biggest Injury Losses So Far This Season!

The reigning AL ROY winner, is out for the season because of a partially torn right patellar tendon that requires surgery. Alvarez who would have been the Astros starting DH/OF, Alvarez hit 27 homers in 313 at-bats last season but appeared in just two games this year. He missed Houston’s summer camp and the first three weeks of the season while recovering from the coronavirus. Currently, the Astros are 2nd in the division behind the A’s, but big losses that include Verlander and Alvarez could prevent them from winning the AL West and making a deep run in the playoffs.

Corey Kluber

The Biggest Injury Losses So Far This Season!

Kluber came in to his Rangers debut with a smile on his face as he would be pitching for the first time in over 15 months, but definitely came out with a disappointed face. The 2 time Cy Young winner, 3 time All Star and former AL ERA leader, made his Rangers debut but lasted just 1 inning(18 pitches) after experiencing shoulder tightness. He was subsequently diagnosed with a torn teres major muscle. This was a major setback as he only pitched 1 inning this season, not even a full game. On December 15, 2019, Cleveland traded Kluber and cash considerations to the Texas Rangers in exchange for Delino DeShields Jr. and Emmanuel Clase. This is a big loss for the Rangers as this trade wouldn’t have happened if the Rangers knew this would be the outcome.

Stephen Strasburg

The Biggest Injury Losses So Far This Season!

You hate to pay a lot for a guy and then he gets injured. This exact situation happened with Stephen Strasburg and the Washington Nationals. This offseason, Strasburg agreed to a seven-year, $245 million contract to return to the Nationals as he was due to be a FA. Strasburg began the 2020 shortened season on the disabled list and made his 2020 debut on August 9, 2020. On August 14, he left his start after facing 3 batters. The following day he went back to the disabled list with a nerve issue in his pitching hand. Strasburg now faces season-ending surgery to relieve carpal tunnel neuritis in his right hand. What makes this injury such a loss is of course the fact that Strasburg is a Top 10 pitcher, but also because they resigned him this offseason for a large amount of money. Strasburg finishes the season appearing in 2 games in which he recorded a 10.80 ERA.

As much as you hate to say it, there is still many injuries to come as there is still a 2nd half of the season left. This list included many pitchers as pitchers have been the hot spot for injuries so far this season.

There has already been many MLB injuries that have already showed a big effect on a team.

Last modified: October 20, 2020
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