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The Ups and Downs so far for the New York Mets!Isaac Edelman

The Ups and Downs so far for the New York Mets!

The Mets have had a tough start to their season but as of now, they would be a wild card team in the MLB’s expanded playoffs. Here are the ups and downs so far far the Mets!

Pitching- The Ups and Downs

From Marcus Stroman to the Mets bullpen, the Mets pitching staff has had a tough start to the 2020 MLB shortened season, but of course there are still ups for the Mets pitching staff. To start off with the ups in the Mets pitching staff, let’s start with deGrom, who has continued to pitch at a Cy Young level, and maybe even better. DeGrom has won back to back Cy Young awards the last 2 years, and is looking to win a 3rd. There has always been a possibility that deGrom finally has a bad year but it hasn’t happened yet, and it probably won’t happen any soon, as he keeps on getting better. Part of what’s making deGrom better is the fact that his velocity keeps going up. Another bright spot for the Mets pitching staff this season is rookie pitcher David Peterson. Peterson leads all NL rookies in wins, innings pitched, and strikeouts.

Now onto the Mets downs for their pitching staff. Edwin Diaz, who had a horrendous year last year, may have one once again. Diaz has done much better in his last few innings pitched, but that is because he hasn’t came in for save opportunities. In matter of fact, Diaz has been so good in low-leverage spots. Diaz has a 2.16 ERA to start the season, which isn’t bad at all, but to pay him a lot to pitch in low-leverage spots is not exactly what the Mets have been looking for. Moving on from Edwin Diaz, Dellin Betances hasn’t done what the Mets have hoped for. The former All Star is playing his first year in a Mets uniform and is coming off a big injury that only allowed him to pitch a few innings last year. So far Betances has a 6.75 ERA, which is definitely something we havn’t seen from him in his career.  Probably the biggest down for the Mets so far has been Marcus Stroman. Stroman‘s recovery from a torn left calf muscle was almost complete, and he was in line to possibly make his season debut for the New York Mets next week against the Miami Marlins. Stroman the Mets’s number 2 pitcher this season, opted out over virus concerns. Even though Stroman hasn’t pitched a single game this season, he was very close to until the opt out occured. This was definitely a step back for the Mets, as they already lost star pitcher Noah Syndergaard to Tommy John Surgery.

Hitting- The Ups and Downs

Andres Gimenez has been the face of the Mets ups to start this season. Gimenez who was the Mets top prospect, made his MLB debut early this season, and it has been nothing but great! Gimenez was a shocking addition to the Opening Day roster this season, but he’s proved he earned the call. He’s quickly become a staple in the Mets lineup with his speed, defense, and contact ability. He’s even proved himself to be a top NL ROY candidate. Another bright spot has been Dom Smith and J.D Davis who has had an amazing start to this season. Davis had an amazing year last year during his first season on the Mets, coming from the Astros. Dom Smith dealt with injuries last year but is now the Mets everyday DH because there is no Cespedes. That leads us to the downs for the Mets.

Cespedes has been the most heartbreaking down so far, so we will start with him. Yoenis Cespedes, the Mets supposed to be everyday DH, opted out a few games into the season. Cespedes opted out of the season over coronavirus concerns on Aug. 2 and did not show up for the Mets’ game against the Braves that afternoon in Atlanta. The 34-year-old packed up his things in his hotel and left without informing the team he was opting out, GM Brodie Van Wagenen said that day. What makes this even worse is because Mets fans waited so long for Cespedes to be healthy, and he finally was. Not just that, there was a universal DH which favored Cespedes and the Mets. Another down for the Mets has been Pete Alonso. Alonso has only 3 home runs so far in 2020 and is batting .214. The Mets have taken notice and moved him back to the 5 spot in the lineup. The Mets are still waiting for Pete Alonso to get on a role!

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Stat Leaders for the Mets as of 8/15/20

Average- Michael Conforto: .329 AVG

Home Runs- Dominic Smith: 6 HR

SB(Stolen Bases)- Andres Gimenez: 6 SB. Tied for most SB in MLB.

RBI’S- Dominic Smith:16 RBI

Wins- David Peterson: 3 wins. Peterson has a 2.91 ERA.

ERA- Jacob deGrom: 2.45 ERA.

Strikeouts- Jacob deGrom: 28 K

The Mets have had a tough start to their 2020, so lets highlight the ups and downs so far!

Last modified: October 20, 2020
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