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Top 5 Sleepers for the NHL RestartKelly Reed

Top 5 Sleepers for the NHL Restart

As the days go by, the NHL restart gets closer and closer to becoming a reality. And to celebrate the NHL returning, it’s only proper that we look at the sleepers participating in this odd and unprecedented NHL restart.

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5. Florida Panthers: I know a couple of people from Florida are gonna love me for this one. But I put them on this list because of their head coaching and offseason pickups. I already wrote an article on this, and for in-depth analysis on the Panthers chances in this upcoming NHL playoffs, check that out down below. But with Joel Quenneville at the helm, key additions like Sergei Bobrovsky and Mike Hoffman, and a nice defensive core with Aaron Ekblad, they will be a tough out in the NHL restart.

Watch out for Florida: Panthers poised to make surprise run through the 2020 playoffs
Can Sergei Bobrovsky shock the hockey world again and lead the panthers to deep playoff run in 2020?
Top 5 Sleepers for the NHL Restart

Check out my previous article on the Panthers chances in the NHl restart. 
Top 5 Sleepers for the NHL Restart
Aaron Ekblad and the Florida Panthers are poised to make a deep playoff run this August. 

4. Winnipeg Jets: The Jets are just like the Florida Panthers. They’ve had an abysmal regular season. But the talent over in Winnipeg is enough to convince me they can indeed turn it around. When you have an all-star goalie in Connor Hellybuck and young talent like Patrick Laine, you’ve got a chance no matter what.

Top 5 Sleepers for the NHL Restart
The play of Patrick Laine will be a huge factor, no doubt, when Winnipeg Jets square off in the qualifying round of the NHL playoffs against the Calgary Flames. 

3. Nashville Predators: Ah the Nashville Predators. The Predators have Stanley Cup Final experience. This year, they are looking to get right back to the Stanley Cup Final. The Predators won their last three coming into the restart. They also have a new slogan: For Smashville. In other words, they are doing it for Nashville. They use this slogan as a way to reunite Nashville with sports again, and that should be all the motivation the Preds need in Edmonton.

Top 5 Sleepers for the NHL Restart
The Nashville Predators will be playing “For Smashville” up in Edmonton. 

2. Toronto Maple Leafs: The Toronto Maple Leafs are an interesting team. You would think with the talent they already have, they should have no problem in the regular season. Wrong. The Maple Leafs went 36-25-9. But don’t despair Leafs fans, because they still had a plus 11 goal differential on the year and the third-most goals in the Eastern Conference. Finally, they were also a respectable 18-16-2 on the road. So, when they face off against the Blue Jackets in the qualifying round, I believe it will be the first of many games to come for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Top 5 Sleepers for the NHL Restart
The Maple Leafs stacked offensive core is something special for sure, but they have yet to make a deep run in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, is this their year? 
  1. Philadelphia Flyers: At the start of the season, the Philadelphia Flyers were written off as a non-playoff team, and rightfully so. They hadn’t made the playoffs since 2017, and they haven’t gotten out the first round since 2012. But, my oh my did they defy expectations. Down in Philly, fans of the Orange and the Black are quite excited about the Flyers. The Flyers have a nice young core with Travis Konecny, Travis Sanheim, Ivan Provorov, and Phil Myers just to name a few. They also have veteran experience with not just Claude Giroux and Jake Voracek, but with their Jack Adams Award candidate coach Alain Vigneault. He led the Rangers to the Stanley Cup Final in 2014, only to lose to a much better L.A. Kings team in 5 games. The Flyers goalkeeping has been splendid as well. The Flyers had 89 points by the end of the regular season, but as the 4th seed in the Eastern Conference, not many NHL analysts are too high on the Flyers. Most feel as if the Flyers will not get past the 1st round. But there is a lot of potential with this team, and almost impossible to not look at the positives. It’s realistic to imagine the Flyers holding up the Stanley Cup come this Fall. But, we will have to wait and see how they do. For now, they are true sleepers in this NHL restart.
Top 5 Sleepers for the NHL Restart
The Flyers hope Kevin Hayes has a lot more celebrations up his sleeve as the Flyers gun for their first Stanley Cup since 1975. 

While the NHL restart features many teams that have a chance at the Stanley cup final, not all the teams have a true chance. But, the Flyers, Maple Leafs, Predators, Jets, and Panthers all have a true chance, even though they’re not talked about as much as they should be. So, when the NHL resumes play in August, watch out for these teams as they are poised to make a deep run this fall.

The NHL comes back on August 2nd, and here are five teams you need to know about that could wreak serious havoc in the NHL restart.

Last modified: October 20, 2020
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