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Top four baseball matchups for tomorrow!Yosef Masinter

Top four baseball matchups for tomorrow!

We’ve got a full slate of baseball games tomorow! All thirty teams are scheduled to play. Yes, I know there is playoff hockey and basketball. This list isn’t for everyone. It’s for baseball fans, and for those of us who have about thiry different screens to watch on. Feel free to also watch your favorite team.

Rockies (13-8) @ Astros (11-10)

The Astros are slowly turning their season around. Both of these teams are in second place in their division and need this win.

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Rays (14-9) @ Yankees (15-6)

This AL East showdown will have a big effect on playoff seeding. The Yankees are in first, the Rays in second, and the Orioles are eerily close in third. Keep in mind that the top two seeds in each division make the playoffs as well as two wild cards. Both of these teams will make the playoffs, but the question is who is on top of the other.

Athletics (16-9) @ D-Backs (11-11)

The Athletics are cruising in the AL West. They are four and half games up on the Astros. The D-Backs are third in the NL West, but if the season ended today they’d make the playoffs via the wild card.

Brewers (10-10) @ Twins (14-8)

The Brewers are the other NL wild card team. They face off against the division leading Twins. This is another game which is critical to playoff seeding. All of these games wouldn’t normally be so important, but because of the truncated season these matchups will decide playoff seeding even though the trade deadline hasn’t passed yet.

Here are the top four games to watch on Tuesday

Last modified: October 20, 2020
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