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Week 2 Predictions Results

by Yosef Masinter

Week 2 Predictions Results

I did better with my predictions this week. I went 14 of 16.

Here’s what I got right:

Ravens vs. Texans

Seahawks vs. Patriots

Browns vs. Bengals

Titans vs. Jaguars

Chiefs vs. Chargers

Bills vs. Dolphins

49ers vs. Jets

Packers vs. Lions

Colts vs. Vikings

Steelers vs. Broncos

Buccaneers vs. Panthers

Cowboys vs. Falcons

Rams vs. Eagles

Cardinals vs. Washington Football Team

Here’s what I got wrong:

Bears vs. Giants

The killer in this one was the Saquon Barkley injury. Barkley went down with an ACL tear, and the Giants never recovered.

Saints vs. Raiders

The Saints were playing without Michael Thomas, the best receiver in the NFL. The Saints offense wasn’t the same without him. The Saints struggled defensively as Josh Jacobs ran all over the Saints defense.

Last modified: October 20, 2020
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