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What Is Contributing To The Padres Success?Kelly Reed

What Is Contributing To The Padres Success?

The San Diego Padres got off to a great start this season when they went 5-2 in their first 7. After that, they got into a slump and even went .500 and below. Despite that slump, the Slam Diego Padres have arrived!

The Padres are currently on a 5 game winning streak and 4 games above .500. They just swept the Rangers in a 4 game series set and kicked off a series against the Astros yesterday and won in a thrilling game! In the series against the Rangers, the Padres Slammed 4 Grand Slams!!! One in every game! That is history in the MLB. No MLB team has hit a Grand Slam in 4 games in a row! 1st Tatis, 2nd Myers, 3rd Machado in walk off style, and lastly Eric Hosmer Thursday Night.

The biggest question is what is contributing to the Padres latest success? From what I have seen, the bats have obviously been going as they smashed 4 grand slams 4 days in a row. The bats are hot, they have depth in their lineup between Tatis, Hosmer, Myers, Machado, Grisham who has been really good lately, and Jurickson Profar are some names that have stood out to me this year and helped the Padres offense out a lot.

Another huge factor in the Padres latest success has been their bullpen. Not only has the Padres bullpen gotten the run support that they need, but in those past 5 games the Padres have won, 2 of them have gone extra innings and the bullpen shut the Rangers down. One of the bigger questions for the Padres is ”can their success continue, or will they hit another brick wall and go into another slump?”

What Is Contributing To The Padres Success?

The Padres currently sit in 2nd place in the NL West at 16-12 4 games behind the first place, 20-8 Los Angeles Dodgers.

Will The Padres Success continue?

Last modified: October 20, 2020
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