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Why The Pats Must Sign Odell Beckham Jr. Right NowNathan Chartier

Why The Pats Must Sign Odell Beckham Jr. Right Now

There’s no doubt that the Patriots had a busy off season: they lost Tom Brady, they signed Cam Newton and the list goes on and on. They go into this year and all odds are against them. “They won’t make the playoffs, they won’t do this, they won’t do that”. In Week 1, the Pats came out ready to feast as they beat the Dolphins with a running game that accumulated 217 yards. The big story was Cam Newton, who had 75 rushing yards and 2 TD’s. Newton was the only NFL QB that moved to a new home and got a win in Week One. However, what many people also saw was a very different passing game. It doesn’t come as a surprise that when your two main WR’s are slot receivers, you’re more likely to have a run heavy offense. The Pats can clearly get back to the playoffs again, but they’re missing one very important piece.

That one very important piece is a wide receiver named Odell Beckham Jr. After seeing many recent trade rumors, it’s clear that Odell is back on the market. Odell was traded to the Browns in 2019 where he was reunited with former LSU teammate Jarvis Landry. Last year, the Browns went 6-10 and they have already started this year with two rough games that have left them 1-1. This has circulated rumors about Odell Beckham Jr’s place on the Browns. Let me be clear, we have absolutely no idea where Odell will go. For all we know, he might go back to the Giants. However, right now, he is perfect for New England.

Why The Pats Must Sign Odell Beckham Jr. Right Now
Odell caught 74 passes for 1,035 yards last year in Cleveland.

Odell would be the Patriots main receiver and he would carry most of the passing game. This would be exactly what New England needs because Edelman should not be their best receiver. N’Keal Harry is starting to become a more promising receiver, but he’s not there yet. With Odell, you can put him on the ball and he can get to work. That’s something that would work perfectly for the Pats because they only have slot receivers. We saw this last year when the Patriots signed Antonio Brown. The Pats passing game was depleted and that was the only way to make things work. The Pats offense we saw in week one was exciting, but clearly they can’t use a running game like that all year. If the Pats can sign Odell, they easily become Super bowl contenders. They still have a great defense, and they have a great running game. All they need is a receiver they can put on the ball. On a third down, you need a guy that can break through coverage and catch the ball. If Odell is being doubled, that opens up space for Edelman or Harry to come up with a catch.

This trade won’t cost New England much either. All the Browns would want is a 1st or second round pick tied in with a veteran player. This is definitely a must jump on trade right now. Knowing Belichick, he can get Odell for no money either. I would say that Odell would come here for a lot less money than you think. It shouldn’t take long for Odell to mesh with Cam. They were throwing passes in the offseason, so why can’t they do it now. It might be tough for you non-Pats Fans to see, but maybe the Pats have one more Super Bowl run in them. If they do, it starts right now by signing Odell.

Odell is on the market again? why New England is the perfect spot for Odell.

Last modified: October 20, 2020
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