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If available, Patriots need Odell Beckham JrRay Rauth

If the Browns were actually considering trading Beckham, the link to the New England Patriots makes so much sense for so many different reasons.

If available, Patriots need Odell Beckham Jr

About six or seven weeks ago rumours started coming out of Cleveland that they were maybe considering trading Odell Beckham Jr. Naturally the New England Patriots seemed like the ideal landing spot for Beckham. The Patriots apparently were very close to swinging a trade with the New York Giants in 2018, but the story goes that the Giants started having second thoughts and decided not to trade Beckham. Of course the Giants would move Beckham to the Browns the following season, and since the day he arrived in Cleveland, it seemed destined for him to be traded out sooner or later. After the Browns got blown out by the Baltimore Ravens week one of this season, the Odell Beckham trade rumours really got going, but then the Browns went on a four game winning streak with Beckham being a major factor on the offense, and that quieted down all trade talk in the media.

Apparently losing one game to a divisional rival can change everything. The Browns didn’t look in their 38-7 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Odell Beckham is a passionate player, when things are going well and the team is winning, he’s able to harness that energy and make explosive plays on the field. When he’s not playing well he gets into fights with kicking nets, and apparently the Browns weren’t happy with Beckham’s behavior in Sunday’s loss to the Steelers. Beckham was seen yelling on the sidelines following an interception, and towards the end of the game was spotted by CBS cameras as tossing his helmet and walking the sidelines in his socks and yelling at hecklers with time left to play. Early this week, Nick Wright of Fox Sports 1 stirred the pot when he said that he had received a text from a trusted source in Cleveland, who told Wright that the Beckham trade rumours are starting to stir up again. Nick Wright, the rest of the media, and anybody who remotely pays attention to football, immediately linked Odell Beckham Jr to the New England Patriots, now it appears that Patriots fans are split between not wanting Bill Belichick to make the trade, and a little bit of false hope.

If the Browns were actually considering trading Beckham, the link to the New England Patriots makes so much sense for so many different reasons.

Everybody is well aware of the infatuation both parties have for each other. Belichick has already tried to trade for Beckham, and the only thing that is really predictable about Bill Belichick is, if he really likes a player, he will do what he can to try and bring him to the Patriots. We’ve seen that with Rodney Harrison, Chad Johnson, Antonio Brown,, and Michael Bennett. Sometimes it works out like it did with Harrison. Sometimes it doesn’t really click like with Johnson, other times it just doesn’t work, like with Bennett, and sometimes it turns into a disaster like what happened with Brown.  Regardless, if Beckham is actually available it shouldn’t surprise anybody if Belichick would try to grab him. On the other side, Beckham has always expressed his desire to play for the Patriots with Tom Brady and Belichick. Brady is no longer with New England, but the appeal to play under Bill Belichick is still there, and perhaps Beckham would be able channel his energy and passion under Belichick and the Patriots Way.

Outside of mutual respect and admiration, the Patriots could also use a legitimate weapon who Cam Newton could throw to. It’s not a hot take or even a stretch to say that the Patriots passing game doesn’t intimidate anybody. That was obvious last Sunday when New England took on the Denver Broncos. With Julian Edelman struggling through years of abuse on his body, N’Keal Harry not taking the leap many hoped for, Demiere Byrd playing time high on the depth chart, and the tight ends being a non-factor, Denver had zero issues going into man coverage and sending blitz after blitz at the Patriots, even when New England was showing an obvious run play.

Beckham is a freak of receiver, and only having a limited knowledge of the Patriots playbook, people would be able to see an instant impact on the offense. As of now, all a defense has to concentrate on is containing Cam Newton and stopping the run, Beckham would bring a new dynamic that would force defenses to send double teams, drop into zone, and respect the other receivers on the team. Right now, nobody respects the Patriots passing game, and that’s an in issue in today’s NFL. The days of run, run, pass, are long gone, and having Cam Newton will go to waste if the Patriots can’t properly execute RPO’s, run options, and play action. It’s a very similar situation to what we’re seeing out in Baltimore, the only difference being Lamar Jackson has hurt teams with his legs and tight ends, where as in New England, Newton can get it done with his legs, but the combination of Ryan Izzo and Devin Asiasi has been pretty lame.

Most or all of the Patriots success in the passing game has come on East and West, the only time that Newton attacks the middle of the field is with Ryan Izzo, or short passes to Julian Edelman and James White, and besides a flash here and there, that strategy has been constantly ineffective.

The reaction to the possibility of Beckham joining the Patriots has been mixed. I’ve seen some Twitter users begin begging Belichick to make the call, believing that Odell would be the X-factor on the Patriots offense. On the flip side, there were Patriots fans claiming that Beckham doesn’t fit the system and that he couldn’t comply with the Patriots Way.  one Twitter user said “I don’t want another head case” another responded in agreement saying that the Patriots already have enough problems with Cam Newton. I’m not sure where this user gets the audacity to talk about Newton like that, all we’ve seen is Newton be the constant professional, and everything that the organization has said about him is how polarizing of a leader he is. I know that most of us are use to Tom Brady either screaming and belittling his receivers, or pouting on the sideline, Patriots fans have to accept that it’s okay for players to show some personality, the same way everybody bought into the tight end Rob Gronkowski.

Beckham has the “it” factor, and possesses all those tangible skills that coaches look for. These kind of receivers aren’t made available everyday, and I think that if he wasn’t enough to push the Patriots over the line this season, the combination of Cam Newton and Odell Beckham Jr in 2021 is the best starting point I can think of for the Patriots.

If the Browns were actually considering trading Beckham, the link to the New England Patriots makes so much sense for so many different reasons.

Last modified: October 22, 2020
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