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Week 6 NFL Prediction UpdateYosef Masinter

Week 6 NFL Prediction Update

Not a bad week of predictions. Definitely not a good week. These predictions were all made before the season. If I would have redone my picks before this week, I would have only switched my prediction for the Bears vs. Panthers game.


Titans vs. Texans

49ers vs. Rams

Steelers vs. Browns

Giants vs. Washington Football Team

Dolphins vs. Jets

Chiefs vs. Bills

Colts vs. Bengals

Ravens vs. Eagles

Lions vs. Jaguars


Bears vs. Panthers

The Bears defense stayed hot, as they forced the Panthers to turn the ball over three times.

Cardinals vs. Cowboys

The Cardinals stunned the NFL by dominating the Cowboys during on Monday Night Football. Andy Dalton threw two interceptions, and Ezekiel Elliott fumbled twice

Buccaneers vs. Packers

Coming off a bye, the Packers got blown out by the Buccaneers. Aaron Rodgers tossed two interceptions in the second quarter.

Broncos vs. Patriots

The Broncos pulled the upset over the Patriots. Bill Belichick put the blame on the lack of practice due to COVID-19.

Falcons vs. Vikings

The Falcons notched their first win of the season on the backs of their defense. They intercepted Kirk Cousins three times, and forced two fumbles.

Week 6 Record: 9-5

Season Record: 62-29

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Last modified: October 22, 2020
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