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Michael Jordan Not a Fan of “Social Media Era”

Despite playing in an era without any form of social media, Michael Jordan had no problem gaining popularity. MJ had fans in every corner of the world even though he was considered a private individual by most that knew him. Despite his worldwide recognition, Jordan is not sure he would have been able to benefit from today’s popular social media apps.

SportsCastr News NBA’s Guillermo Kyosuke and Simeon Russell give their take on Michael Jordan’s recent comments on social media in the NBA. Article courtesy of ClutchPoints NBA

The SportsCastr News NBA team of Guillermo Kyosuke and Simeon Russell gave their take on Jordan’s comments about today’s NBA. While it is common to see legends criticize the current NBA for the style or quality of play, rarely have past players critiqued the social media usage by players.

In a recent interview with Cigar Aficionado, Jordan said that his private nature would not have meshed well with the expectation of fans in today’s NBA. Additionally, he stated that many of today’s stars may be more focused on their Twitter pages than their stat line at the end of games.

On their SportsCastr stream, Simeon and Guillermo explained that many of today’s stars grew up with social media. For them, social media isn’t just something on their phones. People will view social media differently based on their age and how they grew up.

While it may be social media today, there is always something that will serve as a distraction for the top players in the NBA. Michael Jordan was a notorious gambler, an activity which could have jeopardized his focus or taken him away from the game. There should be no shame attached to top players choosing to take a break from their profession every so often. The SportsCastr News NBA team will keep you updated on all the reactions to MJ’s recent comments.

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