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NBA Rumors: Hawks Looking to Trade 1st Round Pick?

Despite the NBA planning on starting the new season in late December, there will still be time for a hectic offseason. With the NBA draft in under a month, teams have already begun to plan out how they can turn into a contender in the 2020-2021 season.

SportsCastr News NBA’s Guillermo Kyosuke and Simeon Russell discuss possible offseason moves leading up to the NBA draft. Article courtesy of ClutchPoints NBA

SportsCastr News NBA’s Guillermo Kyosuke and Simeon Russell began their stream by discussing the rumors that the Atlanta Hawks may attempt to trade their first round pick for a more established player. Currently sitting with the 6th pick, the Hawks would be looking for a star to pair with All-Star guard Trae Young.

Demar Derozan and Bradley Beal were two names that Guillermo and Simeon brought up on their SportsCastr stream. Both players have succeeded in systems where they shared the offensive load with another star (Derozan with the Raptors and Beal with the Wizards).

The SportsCastr News NBA guys also discussed some of the big names coming out of the NBA Draft. Big man James Wiseman has been drawing a lot of attention from teams in the top 5 of the draft. In a year with no clear number 1 pick, Wiseman could emerge as a favorite.

With a shortened offseason, it is impossible that the top teams in the NBA could begin the season fatigued or shorthanded. It is for these reasons that teams like the Hawks could choose 2020 to make a run. With the right offseason moves, Trae Young could be poised to lead Atlanta on a run in the upcoming season.

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