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Is Kirk Cousins Solely to Blame for Vikings Struggles?

Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins is not having a year to remember. After losing star wide receiver Stefon Diggs to the Bills, Cousins is currently tied for the NFL lead in interceptions (10) and has his worst completion percentage since 2017 (64.3%). Cousins is sure to surpass his career worst interception season (13).

SportsCastr News NFL’s Lawrence Owen discusses Kirk Cousins and some of the quarterbacks in his tier. Article courtesy of ClutchPoints NFL

These stats would suggest that the Minnesota quarterback is having a dreadful year. However, SportsCastr News NFL’s Lawrence Owen has a different view of the situation: fans and the media are viewing Kirk Cousins in an unfair light. Lawrence doesn’t mean that Cousins is actually having a stellar year, rather that people are being too harsh in their assessment of the quarterback.

On his SportsCastr stream, Lawrence explains that there are many factors that must be taken into account when evaluating players, especially quarterbacks. Cousins is not on an island: there are ten players surrounding him, coaches that are calling the plays, and game scripts that dictate how the offense is run. Because of the Vikings record, Cousins has been placed in more situations to throw an interception than many other signal-callers in the league.

To further his point, Lawrence mentions how running backs are evaluated. Even the best of running backs (Ezekiel Elliott) cannot move the ball if their offensive line is injured or performing poorly. So why are quarterbacks viewed in a different light?

There is much that Kirk Cousins can do to improve upon his poor play to start the season. He has taken the blame for many of his interceptions in his postgame interviews. SportsCastr News NFL’s Lawrence Owen is not saying that Minnesota has an MVP candidate at the quarterback position. Instead, he thinks that despite his poor play, it might be time to ease off of Kirk Cousins.

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