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Episode 1 of “Power Forward” | John Wallace & Lawrence Moten

Power Forward w/ John Wallace

As one of the most storied programs in all of college basketball, Syracuse University has produced legendary players for over 50 years. Orange fans young and old can recite the statistics and accolades of players like Pearl Washington, Carmelo Anthony, and Derrick Coleman. At the very top of this long list of talent are two names that shared the court from 1992-1995: John Wallace and Lawrence Moten. As Wallace makes his first foray into podcasting with the recently-launched “Power Forward w/ John Wallace,” a SportsCastr Featured Podcast, his former teammate joined him for the inaugural episode, which was live-streamed on SportsCastr this past Tuesday, November 3 before being released as an audio podcast on Spotify.

John Wallace sits down for an interview with fellow Syracuse legend, Lawrence Moten, on the inaugural episode of “Power Forward w/ John Wallace,” a SportsCastr Featured Podcast.

Both John and Lawrence, who remain best friends to this day, were four-year starters at Syracuse before being drafted into the NBA. Moten was the Big East all-time leading scorer for nearly 26 years, a record only broken earlier this year by Marquette’s Markus Howard. Among his many accolades and countless big plays, Wallace is best known for leading the Orange to a National Championship appearance in 1996 versus Rick Pitino’s Kentucky Wildcats. Wallace led all scorers in that ’96 championship game and, as evidenced by his recounting of events in a recent conversation with NunesMagician.com, the former Orange captain still believes that SU should have been cutting down the nets in New Jersey that year.

Wallace retired from professional basketball in 2005, and in 2014 began appearing on MSG Networks as an on-air analyst. The launch of “Power Forward w/ John Wallace” provides a platform on which he can explore new territory, and discuss topics beyond the hardwood. That said, it was only fitting that his old running mate, Lawrence Moten, join him for the inaugural episode of “Power Forward.”

On the podcast, John and Lawrence cover a variety of topics from their playing days up until their current endeavors. Both men had stints in the NBA before continuing their basketball careers overseas. Today, Lawrence works with Clary High School in Syracuse through a program called The Promise Zone, which, as he describes it during the podcast, is a Big Brother-like program designed to provide support, encouragement, and education for young people.

Though they each have their numbers hanging in the rafters of the Carrier Dome, the episode is a refreshing reminder that there is so much that takes place off the court, even for two all-time great players. From the effects of COVID-19 to educating the youth and giving back to the community in a tangible way, the first episode of “Power Forward w/ John Wallace” sets the tone for a podcast that seeks to bring often divergent worlds together. Future episodes will include many appearances by industry and thought leaders, influential women, professors, broadcasters and entertainers as well as ballplayers and coaches. Mr. Wallace may have been the last to ever don the Magic 44 on the court for the Orange, but his legacy and impact will only continue to grow.

Listen to “Power Forward w/ John Wallace” on Spotify
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