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NBA Rumors: James Wiseman Draft Spot, Bradley Beal Trade

Bradley Beal

With the NBA finalizing their start date in December, the Draft and free agency periods are fast approaching. With the shortened offseason, it seems like the rumor mill is already starting to ramp up in the league. One rumor that will not die down is the status of Bradley Beal heading into next season.

SportsCastr News NBA’s Guillermo Kyosuke covers the week’s most important NBA news. Article courtesy of ClutchPoints NBA

SportsCastr News NBA’s Guillermo Kyosuke discussed the trade rumors on his SportsCastr stream. If the Wizards are not going to be a contender, then it doesn’t make sense for them to keep two aging guards. There are plenty of teams that could use Beal.

One team mentioned in the SportsCastr stream is the Denver Nuggets. Adding another option to a potent offense could be the key for Denver to break free in the West. Guillermo thinks that the Nuggets should be looking at a big man to pair with Center Nikola Jokic, instead of a guard.

Another discussion that has often arisen on SportsCastr is the future of James Wiseman. Guillermo discussed with several of his followers what the future holds for the potential first overall selection. Without much of a perimeter game, can Wiseman survive in today’s NBA?

These questions will soon be answered as we creep towards the start of the NBA season. With a short offseason and COVID protocols, this is sure to be one of the most memorable NBA seasons in recent memory. The SportsCastr News NBA team will continue their hoops coverage all throughout the season.

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