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Marlins hire Kim Ng, the first female GM in sports history

At around 11 AM yesterday, the news broke that the Marlins hired Kim Ng as their new GM.

Kim is the first woman and Asian-American to serve as a GM in the MLB. She’s now the highest ranked female executive in baseball and believed to be the first female GM in all of mens professional sports.

Kim wasn’t just hired so the Marlins can say they have a women GM. She was hired simply because she has the skill to be an amazing GM. Kim Ng has 30 plus seasons of experience, 3 World Series rings, and has 8 postseason appearances as an executive. She was assistant GM of the Yankees and Dodgers, then spent a decade in the Commissioner’s office.

Her Backstory:

Kim Ng was born on November 17th of 1968, in Indianapolis. She first became interested in baseball when she played stickball on the streets of her hometown, Queens. She would attend Ridgewood High School in Ridgewood, New Jersey. Kim graduated high school in 1986 and would go on to play softball at the University of Chicago for four years and would graduate in 1990.

Kim would be hired by the Chicago White Sox as an intern immediately after her college graduation. She was then hired full time in 1991. Her role was the Special Projects Analyst until she was promoted to Assistant Director of Baseball Operations in 1995. Ng became the first female to present a salary arbitration case, regarding the case of pitcher Alex Fernandez. She ended up winning! Kim moved on to work for the American League in 1997 as the director of Waivers and Records, approving all transactions.

Kim moved on to the Bronx, where she became the youngest Assistant GM ever in baseball under Yankees GM Brian Cashman at the age of 29, and the fourth woman in baseball to hold the title of Assistant GM. (Elaine Weddington Steward and Raquel Ferreira of the Boston Red Sox, and Jean Afterman of the New York Yankees)

Kim would then be hired to work for the LA Dodgers as the Assistant GM and Vice President in 2001. Ng would be interviewed by the Mariners, Padres, Giants and Angels for the GM spot throughout the course of the 2000’s. In 2011, Kim would be hired by the MLB as the Senior Vice President of baseball operations.

Today, it was announced she will become the decision maker in the Marlins front office.

Hopefully this will open up more spots for female jobs in all sports.

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