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Is Gordon Hayward on the Move?

The NBA Draft is mere hours away and we may know less about certain team’s plans than we did before. It is becoming increasingly difficult to parse what information is just noise and what rumors have real legs to them. A potential Gordon Hayward trade seems to be more than a rumor at this point.

SportsCastr News NBA’s Guillermo Kyosuke and Simeon Russell countdown the hours till the NBA Draft. Article courtesy of ClutchPoints NBA

SportsCastr News NBA’s Guillermo Kyosuke and Simeon Russell discussed the idea that Hayward would be moved to the Atlanta Hawks. With a young core led by Trae Young and John Collins, the Hawks could use an established veteran wing. This would signify the end of the Gordon Hayward experiment with Boston.

On their SportsCastr stream, the two Knicks fans also speculated about the plans for their team with the 8th pick. Recently, the Knicks traded up to obtain the 23rd pick in the draft. After drafting a slew of average picks since Kristaps Porzingis, the Knicks are looking to build around new coach Tom Thibodeau, adopting his defense-first identity.

If the Knicks do indeed keep the 8th pick, they have a plethora of talent to choose from. Isaac Okoro and Devin Vassell are two names that fit the mold of player that Thibodeau is interested in. Although he is a native New Yorker, it seems unlikely that Cole Anthony will be joining the Knicks.

The Knicks are just one of many teams hoping to make a splash in the lottery. The Phoenix Suns hope to surround new guard Chris Paul with young talent and the Bulls are hoping to compete once again in the Eastern Conference. The SportsCastr News NBA team will be closely following the news in the hours leading up to the Draft.

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