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NBA Draft: Knicks Trade Up, Nets Rumors Continue

In most years leading up to the NBA Draft, the biggest story in basketball revolves around the first pick. Who will go first overall? Will a team be trading up? This year however, the James Harden and Russell Westbrook rumors are dominating headlines.

SportsCastr News NBA’s Adam Armbrecht and Matt Brooks talk the biggest rumors heading into the NBA Draft. Article courtesy of ClutchPoints NBA

SportsCastr News NBA’s Adam Armbrecht and Matt Brooks continued to analyze the rumor that James Harden will be sent to the Brooklyn Nets. There, he would join Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant to form the league’s most intriguing superteam. While the Nets don’t have much draft capital to offer, they would need to include a large portion of their young core, like Jarrett Allen or Spencer Dinwiddie.

If the Nets were unable to acquire Harden, Matt and Adam suggested a new team: the Washington Wizards. On their SportsCastr stream, the two explained that the Nets could send the same “Harden package” to the Wizards for Bradley Beal. It has become increasingly clear that Beal is unhappy putting up All-Star caliber numbers, while not competing for a playoff spot.

As it stands now, the Brooklyn Nets have the 19th pick in tonight’s draft. Because of their current situation, the Nets are in a confusing draft spot. Do they draft a player with an immediate impact, do they package the pick for a star like Harden, or do they select a high-potential player who will not make an impact for years to come?

The answer to these questions will become clear tonight at 8 pm on ESPN. The SportsCastr News NBA team has been waiting all year for this highly anticipated draft. If the NBA bubble showed one thing, it is that many teams are much closer to contention than they previously thought.

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