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New York Knicks Poised For an Active Offseason Following Draft

Many Knicks fans were left perplexed after their team’s draft night performance. With multiple trades throughout the night that didn’t seem to accomplish any kind of goal, the teams supporters weren’t sure how to evaluate the draft. It also doesn’t help that many are split on the decision to draft Dayton forward, Obi Toppin.

SportsCastr News NBA’s Guillermo Kyosuke and Simeon Russell discuss the offseason plans for the New York Knicks. Article courtesy of ClutchPoints NBA

The SportsCastr News NBA team of Guillermo Kyosuke and Simeon Russell discussed the plans of the Knicks on their stream. Because of Toppin’s age, many hope that he will immediately be ready to be slotted into the Knicks’ starting lineup. Despite not having played a game in the NBA, Toppin is older than Celtics’ established star, Jayston Tatum.

Elsewhere on their SportsCastr stream, Guillermo and Simeon thought of possible player comparisons for Toppin. Due to his position and the history with the Knicks, it is impossible to not think of former forward Amare Stoudemire when watching Toppin play. Both possess unusual athleticism at their position, along with an advanced shooting touch.

Outside of Draft decisions, the Knicks have also made a series of intriguing roster moves in recent days. The team has parted ways with forwards Taj Gibson and Bobby Portis in an effort to free up cap space. It is speculated that New York could be targetting Fred VanVleet and Gordon Hayward once free agency opens up later today.

All too often, Knicks fans have seen top draft picks hyped up, only to result in zero added value for the team. As described on the SportsCastr stream, Obi Toppin is not a raw prospect. In this situation, his advanced age can be seen as a positive. With a new star forward and a splash in free agency, the Knicks may be closer to the playoffs than previously thought.

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