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Biggest Dominoes Left to Fall In NBA Free Agency

The dust is beginning to settle from a wild weekend in the NBA. While there may not have been many big stars on the move in this year’s offseason, countless key pieces that can impact a playoff series changed jerseys. SportsCastr News NBA’s Adam Armbrecht and Matt Brooks gave fans a brief update on the biggest changes in the period so far.

SportsCastr News NBA’s Adam Armbrecht and Matt Brooks give an update on the recent moves in the NBA. Article courtesy of ClutchPoints NBA

C Steven Adams, a new addition to the New Orleans Pelicans, was reported to have signed an extension with his team before even playing a game. The extension, worth $35M over two years, comes at a time where many teams seem to be paying big men more than they may be worth. On their SportsCastr stream, Matt expressed this same confusion: why are teams overpaying for centers when it would seem the value of a prototypical big diminishes each year?

This one deal however doesn’t determine the center market. There are still a plethora of big man worth big money in today’s NBA. The SportsCastr NBA team also discussed the expected signing of Anthony Davis by the Lakers. While he is still on the market, it seems as though it is a foregone conclusion that the All-Star big will resign.

Elsewhere on the SportsCastr stream, the guys analyzed the impact Gordon Hayward will have on the Charlotte Hornets. With such a young team, Matt and Adam weren’t sure how Hayward would fit in with the supposed rebuild. This dynamic makes it even more confusing to determine the plans of Michael Jordan and Charlotte.

NBA fans are lucky in that it won’t be long until we have an answer to our questions. While most offseasons span multiple months, we will have professional basketball back before 2021. The SportsCastr team is eager to see how these signings play out in the upcoming season.

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