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Week 12 Recap: Thanksgiving Blowouts, Raiders & Colts Stumble

In what should have been a week featuring Thanksgiving shootouts and premier match-ups, COVID-19 continued to be the top story in the NFL. From the postponement of the Steelers-Ravens game to the recent announcement regarding the San Francisco 49ers’ home field circumstances, the pandemic is beginning to take its toll on the NFL season. Despite the virus affecting most teams, no team suffered more than the Denver Broncos.

SportsCastr News NFL’s Lawrence Owen previews Sunday’s NFL match-ups in Week 12. Article courtesy of ClutchPoints NFL

SportsCastr News NFL’s Lawrence Owen previewed the games for Sunday in Week 12. Lawrence took special time to discuss the Broncos-Saints match-up. Due to COVID restrictions, the Broncos were forced to start practice squad wide receiver Kendall Hinton at quarterback.

Only completing one pass on the game, Hinton and the Broncos were defeated 31-3 by Taysom Hill and the Saints. The Broncos weren’t the only team to suffer a blowout loss: the Las Vegas Raiders only put up six points en route to a 37-point defeat at the hands of Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons. After firing former coach Dan Quinn, the Atlanta Falcons have now won three of their last four games.

Thursday’s Thanksgiving games were not as competitive as some from the SportsCastr News NFL team might have hoped. Both the Cowboys and the Lions allowed 41 points in their respective losses. With the win over the Cowboys, the Washington Football Team was briefly the NFC East leader, before the Giants victory on Sunday over the Bengals.

On his SportsCastr stream, Lawrence Owen expressed hope for his Colts against the divisional Tennessee Titans. Like so many other teams in Week 12, the Colts were blown out on Sunday. A unique Week 12 has still not come to a conclusion: the Seahawks and Eagles face off on Monday night before the Ravens and Steelers finish Week 12 on Wednesday night.

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