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Don’t piss off DK Metcalf

History has a way of making people look bad, and 31 general managers look bad for letting DK Metcalf slip all the way down to the 64th overall pick of the 2019 Draft, meaning some teams had two shots at drafting him and elected not to. 

He hasn’t said it, but it wouldn’t be shocking if Metcalf has a bit of a chip on his shoulder for falling so low in the Draft. Eight receivers were taken before Metcalf, including; the Ravens Marquise Brown, Patriots N’Keal Harry, and the Colts Parris Campbell. 

DK had a pretty good start to his career. In 2019 he caught 58 passes for 900 yards and seven touchdowns. Metcalf took a big step in his sophomore year this season, already matching last season 58 receptions, for 1039 yards, and nine touchdowns. Metcalf is a big physical receiver that has been a nightmare for cornerbacks to cover, and any question about whether his college game could translate to the NFL, has been answered. 

Former Detroit Lions head coach, and current Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz may have made a big mistake while trying to compliment DK before the game last night. Schwartz said something along the lines of, “you’re the closest thing I’ve seen to Megatron, but I was in Detroit and you’re not megatron yet”.  

DK apparently didn’t take Schwartz’s words as a compliment, and saw them as a slight, and admitted that he played with a little extra motivation in the Seahawks 23-17 win over the Eagles. Philadelphia had no answer for Metcalf, and he made Schwartz pay for his Megatron comparison. DK caught 10 passes for 177 yards. 

Whether Schwartz was really trying to compliment Metcalf, or give him a backhanded compliment isn’t relevant right now. What everybody learned last night was you can’t give DK Metcalf a shred of motivation or he’s going to make you pay.

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