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Patriots N’Keal Harry is not doing himself any favors

N’Keal Harry has the unique distinction of being the only wide receiver that Bill Belichick has ever selected in the first round of the NFL Draft. That position also puts a unique amount of pressure and expectation to perform, and heading into week 13 of his second year in the league, Harry is not doing himself any favors, and has to show that he is undeserving of the “Draft Bust” label. 

2019 was a rough start for N’Keal Harry, he picked up two separate injuries, one during training camp, and one during a preseason game against the Detroit Lions, making a spectacular catch. Unfortunately this also meant that Harry had to start his season on the IR, and he wouldn’t make his debut until week 11 against Philadelphia Eagles. 

Harry being on the IR, and the Patriots offense struggling, the expectations grew even higher, and the anticipation for his first game had Patriots fans in a frenzy. Harry caught three passes for 18 yards his first game, and most people were satisfied, but as the season dragged on, people grew less and less satisfied. Harry played seven games and went 12/14 – 105 yards – 2 TDs. 

It was rumored that Tom Brady didn’t want to work with Harry or the other rookies on the team during the 2019 season. It was reported that Brady didn’t feel it was his job to coach up the rookies and get them ready and mentor them. 2020 showed great promise for Harry. Brady left the Patriots as a free agent and signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Patriots signed Cam Newton, and Newton spent a majority of training camp and the early part of the season praising N’Keal Harry. It was also reported that Newton wanted to work with Harry and even took on a mentor role. Unfortunately that hasn’t turned around Harry’s fortunes. After playing nine games this season Harry’s stat line isn’t any better than last season (24/43 – 213 yards – 1TD) 

PFF has ranked Harry 110th on the Wide Receiver list, and has given him a grade of 58.9. What may be even more disappointing, Harry who was known as getting dirty and being very effective in the run game, has only been given a Run Blocking grade of 41.4.

Patience has grown thin for a lot of the Patriots fan base, and based on the comments being shared around the internet, Harry is out of excuses. Many fans have labeled Harry bust in just his second season in the league, and up to date N’Keal Harry hasn’t done enough to shake it.

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