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Rumors: Ravens players were going to strike if forced to play Tuesday

COVID-19 is becoming a real problem for the NFL. They have been forced to reschedule multiple games throughout this season, and after delaying the Pittsburgh Steelers vs Baltimore Ravens game twice, the NFL ran into a problem that should have been thought about before the season started, what if the players refused to play? 

Over 20 Ravens staff and players have tested positive for COVID-19, but after having only one positive test on Monday for a player that was on the IR and didn’t have much contact with the rest of the team, the NFL gave Baltimore the green light to fly to Pittsburgh on Tuesday. Suddenly there were rumors that the NFL may push the game again, because there was fear that the Ravens players would strike and refuse to play.  

The timeline of the scheduling nightmare goes like this; The Ravens/Steelers game that was initially scheduled for Thanksgiving night was postponed until Monday because multiple Raven staff and players had tested positive for COVID. As more and more positive tests began popping up, the game was postponed until Tuesday, and because of the fear that the players would refuse to play, the game was then postponed until Thursday.  

This is leaving the NFL schedule makers in a bad spot, and the possibility of an additional week being added to the season seems to be more probable than not at this point. 

This is obviously a health crisis, and the health of the Ravens staff and players needs to be the leagues top priority, but that doesn’t mean that Wednesday’s game doesn’t have huge playoff and seeding implications. 

The Steelers are currently 10-0 and hold the number one seed and the only playoff in the AFC right now. The Kansas City Chiefs are right behind them with a 10-1 record holding the second seed. The Ravens, who were last year’s AFC leaders are currently sitting with a 6-4 record, and if the season finished today they would not be in the playoffs. 

With those kinds of stakes and the appeal of this game, the NFL is trying to plow through this and get it going. The Ravens will be without their starting quarterback Lamar Jackson who tested positive for COVID late last week, it looks more than likely that RG3 will get the start against the Steelers number one defense. 

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