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Do MJ and Hornets Have Clear Plan With Gordon Hayward Signing?

In an offseason without many true stars on the market, Gordon Hayward jumped to the top of the list for many teams with space for a max contract. Teams like the Hornets, Knicks, and Pistons were all in the market for top salary players. In the end, it was the Charlotte Hornets that dealt out over $120 million to the former Boston Celtic.

SportsCastr News NBA’s Matt Brooks discusses Gordon Hayward’s fit with the Hornets. SportsCastr News NBA’s Matt Brooks discussed the signing of Hayward by the Hornets and Michael Jordan. The forward provides valuable scoring and a veteran presence for a team trying to find its identity. Although Hayward did not live up to his contract in Boston, MJ seems to think things will be different in Charlotte. On his SportsCastr stream, Matt also analyzed how Lamelo Ball will fit into the young core. Joined by guards Malik Monk, Devonte Graham, and Terry Rozier, Ball should be able to thrive in a spacious offense. It will be very interesting to see which young guard seizes control of the team in the early goings of the season.

Elsewhere on the SportsCastr stream, Matt spent time breaking down the recent news story regarding the Los Angeles Clippers. According to The Athletic, many Clippers players were unhappy with how the team management and coaching staff treated Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. This unhappiness could have partially led to the Clippers’ collapse in the playoffs against the Denver Nuggets.

Although this offseason didn’t see the movement of many star players, it is clear that some teams have rebuilt enough to move into a contending position. The Atlanta Hawks are one team that seems ready to move from a tanking mindset to a contending mindset. Only time will tell if the Charlotte Hornets are in the same boat.

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