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Just How Important Are Pro Bowl Selections to the NFL?

The concept of an All-Star game in sports leagues has come under fire in recent years. While it seems fans enjoy watching stars compete against each other, the quality of play in the NFL’s Pro Bowl has diminished each year. In recent years, some have suggested that players only travel to the Pro Bowl because of the perks involved, rather than the actual game.

SportsCastr News NFL’s Adam Armbrecht, Lawrence Owen, and Ray Rauth preview Week 13 and discuss their Pro Bowl ideas. Article courtesy of ClutchPoints NFL

SportsCastr News NFL’s Adam Armbrecht, Lawrence Owen, and Ray Rauth debated the importance of the Pro Bowl on their stream. If players are brought to the Pro Bowl simply by the votes of fans, should it still be considered a prestigious honor? Do we consider Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Patrick Mahomes to be stars because of their Pro Bowl appearances or because of their talent?

On their SportsCastr stream, the trio discussed how the perception of players shouldn’t be tied to their Pro Bowl appearances. Adam Armbrecht’s favorite quarterback, Eli Manning, had legendary performances without being a Pro Bowler his entire career. Adam argues that his lack of Pro Bowl’s shouldn’t prevent him from being a Hall of Famer.

In recent years, it seems as though fans do care less about the Pro Bowl than they previously did. The reason that all of this is so important is that many players have contract incentives tied to Pro Bowl appearances. Is it fair that the average NFL fan can decide who gets paid more and who gets paid less?

In an altered week without Thursday Night Football, this SportsCastr stream was a much-needed return to normalcy. Only time will tell if the NFL will choose to phase out the Pro Bowl and lean more heavily into the competitions they have embraced in recent years. As long as the NFL’s top stars are competing against one another, there is no doubt that the SportsCastr News NFL team will be tuning in.

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