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NFL Playoff Picture Grows Murkier By the Week

Prior to the 2020 NFL season, the league voted to change the number of playoff teams in each conference from six to seven. While the addition of one extra team per conference may not seem like one of that much importance, the current playoff picture shows just how many teams are now in the hunt for the playoffs. With only one first-round bye given to the top seed, even the teams that are a lock for the postseason will want to fight to maintain their high seed.

SportsCastr News NFL’s Adam Armbrecht and Lawrence Owen analyze some of the juiciest playoff scenarios in the NFL. Article courtesy of ClutchPoints NFL

SportsCastr News NFL’s Adam Armbrecht and Lawrence Owen analyzed some of the playoff scenarios in the AFC and NFC. Starting with the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC, Adam is not so sure that Baltimore can battle back into a playoff spot. Not only are they currently behind Miami, Cleveland, and Indianapolis, but they must also compete with Las Vegas and New England for the final spot if it opens up.

In the NFC, the SportsCastr team looked at the playoff chances for two NFC North teams currently on the outside: the Minnesota Vikings and the Chicago Bears. Although the Wild Card race isn’t as close in the NFC, there is a great deal of movement still to come across the top seven seeds. With only one game separating the five seed Rams and the two seed Packers, many teams have plenty of time to change their fate.

In the AFC, the top seed Steelers seem likely to retain the one seed, ensuring a first-round bye. With a loss, there is a chance that the 15-1 Steelers could fall to the two seed, meaning they will not receive their bye. We could be heading for a scenario where a 15-1 team must play on Wild Card weekend, something never before seen in the NFL.

On their SportsCastr stream, the guys broke down some of the most important teams to eye over the next few weeks. Both the Bears and Patriots could be surprise teams that sneak into the playoffs, despite their current losing records. With 14 teams guaranteed to head to the postseason, we are sure to see continued drama throughout the year.

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