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MNF Doubleheader Recap: Josh Allen Shines, Steelers Suffer First Loss

The Pittsburgh Steelers and the San Francisco 49ers were both favored heading into Monday Night Football. Pittsburgh was expected to roll over Washington while many thought San Francisco would squeak out a victory versus Josh Allen and the Bills. When the dust settled on Monday night, both underdogs had seized the wins.

SportsCastr News NFL’s Joe Noobo, Lawrence Owen, and Ray Rauth preview the doubleheader on Monday Night Football. Article courtesy of ClutchPoints NFL
SportsCastr News NFL’s Lawrence Owen recaps the two Monday Night Football games in Week 13. Article courtesy of ClutchPoints NFL

SportsCastr News NFL’s Joe Noobo, Lawrence Owen, and Ray Rauth had the pre and postgame coverage for the doubleheader. In terms of playoff implications, the Steelers were only playing for a chance at the top seed. Buffalo was in a different situation: with the Dolphins and Patriots nipping at their heels in the division, a win would provide some much-needed space.

In the early game, the Washington Football Team smothered veteran quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. A late Big Ben pass was batted down in the fourth quarter, resulting in a Washington interception and a 23-17 victory for Alex Smith and company. Smith threw for 296 yards and one touchdown in the game.

SportsCastr News NFL’s Ray Rauth was heavily focused on the Bills-49ers match-up. With 375 yards and four touchdowns, Josh Allen shined in the 34-24 win. The battered Niners were unable to keep up with the potent Buffalo passing attack, featuring Stefon Diggs and Cole Beasley.

The two games last night will have large implications in the AFC and NFC playoff race. The Steelers are now tied with Patrick Mahomes’ Chiefs for the top seed while the Bills stretched their divisional lead. In the NFC, the Football Team will stay in the NFC East hunt while the Niners fall further out of contention. The SportsCastr News NFL team will keep you up to date with the latest in NFL news.

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