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Week 13 NFL Predictions Recap

See how I did on my week 13 NFL predictions

A bad week for my predictions. A bunch of surprising upsets and winners. Here’s a more detailed breakdown.


Saints vs. Falcons

Dolphins vs. Bengals

Vikings vs. Jaguars

Raiders vs. Jets

Patriots vs. Chargers

Packers vs. Eagles

Chiefs vs. Broncos

Ravens vs. Cowboys


Browns vs. Titans

The Browns had a historic first half against the Titans. The Titans orchestrated a second-half comeback which came up just short.

Lions vs. Bears

The Lions put up 14 points in the final two and a half minutes to get the win over their division rival.

Colts vs. Texans

The Texans turned the ball over twice in the loss, including a goalline fumble on what looked to be the game-winning drive in the final moments of the game.

Giants vs. Seahawks

The Giants defense forced two turnovers, and while they gave up a lot of yards, came through in the big moments. This was a huge upset. The Giants started Colt McCoy at quarterback, and despite the odds, came through with the victory in Seattle.

Cardinals vs. Rams

The Rams dominated time of possession in their 10 point victory. The Cardinals lost the turnover battle (hearing a theme here?) and, consequently, the game.

Washington Football Team vs. Steelers

The Steelers didn’t deserve to beat the Washington Football Team. They didn’t. They dropped numerous passes from Ben Roethlisberger. Alex Smith played well, leading DC to an upset victory.

Bills vs. 49ers

The Bills were all over the 49ers. They won time of possession by about 10 minutes, won the turnover battle, and beat the 49ers and Nick Mullens.

Week 13 Record: 8-7

Season Record: 122-70

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