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Expect Patriots To Beat Rams Tonight

The New England Patriots are facing the Los Angeles Rams tonight in a win or you’re out situation, and any time Bill Belichick is backed into a corner I’m always going to side with the disgruntled hoodie

If you look at this game from a pure statistical standpoint, the patriots really have no right to even be considered the victors when examining those traditional stats. But, this is the 2020 NFL season, and as we have seen already, anything can happen. You also have to remember that this is the New England Patriots, they don’t need Tom Brady to do the impossible, this Patriots team in its current form is good enough to win. Bill Belichick has showed he has faith in this team all season, and I doubt that he suddenly has just given up, now tonight‘s game is a simple task for the New England Patriots, win.

Even at 6-6, if the New England Patriots win their final four games of the season they have a 93% chance of making the playoffs. I’ve said all season that as long as the patriots are mathematically still in the playoff hunt you cannot count them out. If we all remember Super Bowl 53, we all saw Sean McVay gushing all over Bill Belichick. I do not expect to see that this time around, I expect Sean McVay to walk out on that field with a little bit more confidence then we saw it during Super Bowl 53, but rest assured that Bill Belichick is still the superior coach. Tonight people should expect Bill Belichick to have a game plan to shut down the Rams

When you’re comparing the two quarterbacks of these teams, the comparisons are actually a lot closer than people may think. The Rams quarterback Jared Goff has well out performed Patriots quarterback Cam Newton on the traditional stat line this season, but both quarterbacks have been inconsistent in their own ways. When you compare their playing styles, both also win games in their own different ways. Cam Newton obviously wins games on the ground, where Jared Goff wins games in the air, so the question is who will shine brighter under the lights? One thing we can say that we’ve seen this season is, prime time is Cam Newton time. We should expect the  New England Patriots pass rush to pick up where it left off the last couple of weeks, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Jared Goff has seen ghosts tonight.

Aaron Donald is the best defensive tackle in football, I won’t even accept an argument that he’s not. But David Andrews and Joe Thuney are also the best offence of lineman in the NFL. We all saw both Thuney and Andrew’s handle Aaron Donald during Super Bowl 53, and I expect that to be no different tonight. The Rams have the 11th best run defense in the NFL, that’s according to PFF, but New England’s offensive line is the third best run blocking team in the NFL.  New England is also the third best running team in the NFL and they are going to be able to move the football on the ground. expect Damien Harris to have one of his typical hundred yard performances. Whether it’s execution or game plan, the advantage goes to New England every time. 

We’ve seen the New England pass rush improving, and getting stronger and stronger every week. Right now according to PFF, it’s only rated 20th overall, and it’s going up against the fourth best pass blocking team in the league. But again, as I already set the top, I expect New England to build off it’s recent performances with guys like Josh Uche, Chase Winovich, Deathrich Wise JR, and Adam Butler leading the way, they should all be slated to have the same sort of impact they’ve had the last couple of weeks. If the Patriots allow Jared Goff to throw the football, he’s going to hurt you. I fully expect New England to throw him off balance, and try to hit him as much as possible,  just to keep making contact and making him uncomfortable. If everybody’s expecting some sort of shootout, you’ll be sadly disappointed. I would expect a low-scoring game similar to the Super Bowl.

It’s fairly simple at this point. it’s game time, the New England Patriots know what’s on the line, and everybody should expect them to come out and play tonight. I’m not saying this is going to be an easy game by any stretch of the imagination, but at the end of the day, you should all expect New England to win.

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