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NBA Rumor: James Harden Adds Two Teams To Trade List

Although James Harden has reported to training camp with the Houston Rockets, there is still plenty of speculation that surrounds the former MVP. Harden’s return has not quieted his trade rumors, in fact, they have been intensified. It was reported yesterday that Harden and his camp have added the Milwaukee Bucks and the Miami Heat as two teams that would be an acceptable trade partner.

SportsCastr News NBA’s Adam Armbrecht analyzes the two new potential landing spots for James Harden. Article courtesy of ClutchPoints NBA

Earlier this week, the SportsCastr News NBA team discussed the Nets and the 76ers as two teams that were seemingly interested in Harden. On today’s stream, SportsCastr News NBA’s Adam Armbrecht looked at the likelihood that Harden could succeed with the Heat or Bucks. Jimmy Butler and Giannis Antetokounmpo would likely be excited to be joined by another star.

For the Miami Heat, the main barrier to a trade seems to be Pat Riley. At this point, it seems the veteran GM may be unwilling to trade some of his young stars, specifically Tyler Herro. With a team so defined by its defense and chemistry, it would be intriguing to see how a blockbuster trade would impact the reigning Eastern Conference Champion.

In the case of Milwaukee, they most likely would have to let go of forward Khris Middleton and guard Donte DiVincenzo. On his SportsCastr stream, Adam explained that the Bucks may be focused more on a win-now approach than keeping their younger stars like DiVincenzo. Combining Harden’s playmaking with Giannis’s otherwordly talents could be a lethal combo.

Despite the distraction he has become in this offseason, James Harden is still one of the best players in the NBA, and arguably the league’s best scorer. If the Nets can feel comfortable pairing Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, then very few NBA teams should be worried about the chemistry effects from adding the ball-dominant Harden to their roster. Any team Harden joins will immediately become a playoff team and most likely a Finals contender.

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